US Patent Office Records First Low-UVC/Covid-19 Patent Filings by LUV Systems, Inc.


RANCHO PALOS VERDES, CA (10 July 2020) - Today the US Patent & Trademark Office recorded multiple utility patent applications filed by LUV SYSTEMS, INC.  The applications cover six novel inventions with ultraviolet light to continuously disinfect air and surfaces in a myriad of applications, in the presence of people, and without direct exposure:

  • Indoors for restaurants, offices, schools, gyms, airplanes, trains and buses, and personal vehicles;
  • Retail transaction points, seated events (theaters/arenas), ATMs/touchscreens, elevators, and gas pumps; and
  • Personal use with hand-held and 3-D disinfection devices.

According to Neeraj Chaudhary, Business Analyst at LUV Systems, the inventions will lead to “affordable consumer and commercial products to accelerate the safe reopening of economies, while providing necessary peace of mind as people return to a state of normal in homes, offices, schools, retail and entertainment establishments, and transportation systems.”

Recent studies at Columbia University and others, including Signify/Boston University and Ushio/Hiroshima University, have proven that low-wavelength ultraviolet light, known as UVC, at the right wavelength and intensity, achieves 99.9%+ inactivation of Covid-19 in air and surfaces.  Ultraviolet disinfection technology has been used for over 100 years in many applications including hospitals, laboratories, and water treatment facilities.

Prior research has established that UVC is effective at disinfecting all known coronaviruses and most biological pathogens, including bacteria and viruses.  Researchers have found that low UVC wavelengths at 222 nm and below have no observable effect on living cells, even at prolonged exposures and high intensities.

Ultraviolet disinfection technology has been used for over 100 years in many applications including hospitals, laboratories, and water treatment facilities.  LUV Systems’ products are designed with a 100x safety margin for acceptable exposures as established by the FCC for devices such as cell phones.

LUV Systems LUV™ product line includes personal and installed devices to disinfect surfaces and air while people are present and conducting their normal activities, without direct human exposure.  LUV™ air disinfection products are designed to clear indoor spaces in less than five minutes, which is 3X faster than the CDC’s published 15-minute guideline for indoor air.

LUV Systems products currently incorporate engineering controls such as motion sensors to automatically control and monitor device operation. Future product releases are planned with body temperature, tilt, and distance sensors, plus algorithms including a mobile app.

LUV Systems inventions are designed in America and Sood states “the products can easily be 100% manufactured in the United States.  We continue to seek business and governmental partners to continue research and development, secure international patents, and establish a manufacturing and distribution pipeline.”

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